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Success Doesn’t Happen Overnight - Nicolas Isnard tips for young chefs

Success Doesn’t Happen Overnight: Nicolas Isnard Shares Tips for Young Chefs

Nicolas Isnard

Ras Al Khaimah – Renowned French chef Nicolas Isnard, the head chef at House of Grill in Fairmont Riyadh, is celebrated not only for his culinary prowess but also for his invaluable advice to budding chefs. With a rich career influenced by his Mediterranean heritage and experiences at Michelin-starred restaurants like La Prieure, Le Vieux Logis, and La Rotonde, Isnard offers seven crucial life lessons drawn from his extensive journey in the culinary world.

Stay True to Your Roots

Isnard emphasizes the importance of maintaining a connection to one's culinary heritage. "Throughout my travels and global experiences, I consistently maintain a deep connection to my culinary roots in France. Remaining true to heritage and core values fosters authenticity and grounding," he shares. This foundation ensures that his dishes always reflect his identity and origin, no matter where he is.

Embrace Diversity

Highlighting the benefits of working with individuals from various nationalities, Isnard notes that such experiences enrich both personal and professional development. "Immersing myself in diverse cultures around the world unveils fresh dimensions of flavour and culinary traditions. Such diversity fuels creativity and nurtures a profound appreciation for the global culinary spectrum," he explains.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Mentorship

Throughout his career, Isnard has been guided and inspired by mentors. He stresses the value of seeking mentors who challenge you to grow, offering wisdom and support. "Their experiences and insights provide invaluable guidance, helping navigate the complexities of life and career," he says.

Persistence Pays Off

In the demanding culinary world, persistence is key, according to Isnard. "The long hours, the pressure, and the constant quest for perfection can be overwhelming. However, it’s through relentless perseverance that we achieve our goals. Success doesn’t happen overnight; it’s the result of years of hard work and dedication," he states.

Maintain a Work-Life Balance

Isnard advises young chefs to find a balance between work and personal life. "As a chef, it’s easy to become consumed by the demands of the kitchen. Nonetheless, finding a balance between work and personal life is essential. Allocating time to relax, spend with loved ones, and pursue personal interests rejuvenates and maintains motivation," he advises, noting that personal well-being directly influences professional performance.

Never Stop Learning

The ever-evolving culinary field requires continuous learning. Isnard advocates for maintaining curiosity and openness to new techniques, ingredients, and trends. "This mindset keeps you at the forefront of your profession and makes the journey more exciting and fulfilling," he says.

Celebrate Small Wins

In the pursuit of big achievements, Isnard believes it's crucial to celebrate small victories. "Each successful dish, happy customer, or innovative idea is a step forward. Recognising these moments of success boosts morale and fosters momentum towards achieving larger goals," he concludes.

Chef Nicolas Isnard's insights offer a roadmap for young chefs aspiring to make their mark in the culinary world, underscoring the importance of heritage, diversity, mentorship, persistence, balance, continuous learning, and celebrating every success along the way. For job inquiries, contact our WhatsApp Onboarding number here (+971 58 550 0125) or through Email:

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