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Rima Zanoun Culinary Experiences in Dubai UAE: A Holistic Journey

Culinary Experiences: A Journey for the Body and Soul

Arabic woman Rima Zanoun

In an era where wellness and mindful living are becoming paramount, culinary experiences are evolving to focus not just on taste, but on holistic well-being. MAKAW's owner and wellness coach, Rima Zanoun, delves into this trend, emphasizing the integration of wellness and food in the pursuit of a balanced life. Rima Zanoun offers exceptional culinary experiences in Dubai, UAE, showcasing the region's rich and diverse flavors

Rima Zanoun’s journey began with a deep-rooted passion for people. As a teenager, she was intrigued by the human mind's workings and the transformative power of food and mentorship. "Watching individuals realize their potential and discover their true selves was exhilarating," Zanoun reflects.

With a full scholarship to Concordia University in Canada, Zanoun pursued philosophy, which further fueled her interests. After completing her studies, she returned to the UAE, embarking on a multifaceted career. "As a woman with vast interests, it was only apt that I worked in multiple fields," she notes.

Her diverse experiences across various industries underscored the universal human need to belong and feel welcome, especially in a cosmopolitan city like Dubai. "The UAE offers a unique perspective on various cultures and mindsets from around the world," says Zanoun. This exposure deepened her fascination with human existence and the quest for mindful living.

Driven by a passion for self-discovery, Zanoun traveled extensively, immersing herself in different cultures, languages, cuisines, and human interactions. These experiences enriched her understanding of the human psyche and led her to study mentorship, earning certifications in mental health and relationship coaching, along with a license in neurolinguistic programming.

Over the past decade, Zanoun has coached numerous individuals, helping them achieve mental clarity and reach their full potential. Her mission evolved into bringing people together and fostering a sense of belonging and alignment with one's true self. "What better way to achieve this than through food? We all have cherished memories and have experienced love and togetherness around a table of nourishing food," she says.

This inspired her to create a space in Dubai where people could gather, enjoy wholesome, delicious food, and feel connected. Through MAKAW, Zanoun aims to offer simplicity, truth, and love. "Communities and families are built through shared meals," she explains.

In Dubai, both the wellness and F&B sectors are increasingly embracing mindful experiences. Patrons seek activities that positively impact them and leave a lasting, beneficial impression. "Dubai has become more conscious of consuming mindfully, whether it’s content, food, or experiences. The common theme is the pursuit of what is ultimately good for the body and soul," says Zanoun.

The central idea behind Zanoun’s mentoring and coaching is to aid people on their journey to their authentic selves, free from masks and pretense. "The process of de-masking often happens to customers. Once they step inside, the corporate mask eventually falls, and a calming stillness takes over," she observes.

Zanoun emphasizes the growing awareness of the benefits of consuming quality, whether it’s food or mental material. Both significantly affect human wellness and mental health. "This is why I wanted to create multiple avenues for nourishing people. The best ways are through wellness and food, which seamlessly intertwine," she concludes.

As culinary experiences increasingly focus on what’s good for the body and soul, Zanoun’s approach at MAKAW stands as a testament to the profound impact of integrating wellness with food.

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