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The latest milestone of Saudi Arabia's project "NEOM"

NEOM coastline

NEOM’s May Milestones: Pioneering Sustainable and Luxurious Developments

NEOM, Saudi Arabia's ambitious giga-project under the visionary leadership of HRH Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, is setting unprecedented standards in sustainable urban development. As part of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, NEOM aims to revolutionize the northwest region of Saudi Arabia with its innovative and eco-friendly designs. Launched in 2017, this sprawling initiative, powered entirely by renewable energy, is rapidly transforming the landscape and redefining the future of urban living. The latest NEOM milestone marks a significant leap forward for Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, showcasing the country's commitment to sustainable and innovative urban development.

Unveiling New Regions

NEOM's vast expanse encompasses several unique regions: Leyja, Epicon, Siranna, Utamo, Norlana, Aquellum, Zardun, Xaynor, Elanan, Gidori, Treyam, and the newly announced Jaumur. Each region reflects NEOM’s dedication to integrating visionary urban planning with progressive environmental practices. These developments symbolize a harmonious blend of modernity and sustainability, establishing NEOM as a beacon of futuristic living within the Gulf of Aqaba.

Hospitality Milestones Hampton by Hilton

In a significant stride towards enhancing its hospitality portfolio, NEOM has announced a new collaboration with Hilton for the Hampton by Hilton hotel, set to launch in 2025. This partnership, fully financed by Cayan Group, marks the second collaboration with Hilton, following the debut of Hampton by Hilton Sharma.

The signing ceremony, held at the International Hospitality Investment Forum in Berlin, featured Hilton’s CEO Chris Nassetta and Cayan Group’s chairman Ahmed Alhatti. This 201-key hotel is poised to address NEOM’s construction demands and enhance the region's accommodation options. The design will prioritize sustainability, aligning seamlessly with NEOM’s overarching goals of creating liveable and eco-friendly environments.

Carlos Khneisser, Hilton’s VP for development in the Middle East & Africa, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasizing Hilton’s commitment to expanding its footprint in Saudi Arabia and contributing to the kingdom’s burgeoning tourism sector.

Ritz-Carlton Reserve in Trojena

NEOM’s flagship project, Trojena, is set to welcome its second Ritz-Carlton Reserve, adding a touch of luxury to this mountainous region. This collaboration with Marriott International promises to offer an intimate and transformative experience, perfectly blending with Trojena’s natural landscape.

Chadi Hauch, regional vice president of Lodging Development for the Middle East at Marriott International, highlighted the immersive experiences that Ritz-Carlton Reserve properties are known for. The resort will feature 60 villas, a spa, swimming pools, and dining venues, ensuring an unmatched luxury experience.

Philip Gullett, Executive Director and Head of Trojena Region, emphasized the uniqueness of Trojena as an adventure sports destination. With activities like skiing, water sports, hiking, and mountain biking, Trojena aims to become a premier hub for mountain tourism. This development marks the seventh collaboration between Marriott International and NEOM, with more exciting concepts on the horizon.

Jaumur: NEOM’s Newest Community

The introduction of Jaumur further enriches NEOM’s diverse portfolio. This cosmopolitan luxury community, located on the Gulf of Aqaba, is designed to accommodate over 6,000 residents with a blend of 1,200 residences, two hotels offering 350 rooms and suites each, and a marina with 500 apartments and 700 villas.

Jaumur’s marina is a standout feature, with a 1.5 km tall aerofoil designed to protect yachts while serving as a venue for year-round entertainment and cultural activities. The community also emphasizes innovation and education with a marine research center and a progressive boarding school aimed at attracting global talent.

Jaumur’s design fosters a vibrant cultural hub, offering a seamless fusion of luxury living and intellectual exploration. With retail outlets and year-round leisure and cultural activities, Jaumur epitomizes NEOM’s vision of creating dynamic and sustainable urban environments.

Looking Ahead

As NEOM continues to accelerate its developments, it remains steadfast in its commitment to sustainability, innovation, and luxury. The recent milestones in hospitality and the unveiling of new regions highlight NEOM’s relentless pursuit of redefining urban living while adhering to the principles of environmental stewardship. With every new development, NEOM moves closer to realizing its vision of a sustainable and prosperous future for Saudi Arabia and the world. For job inquiries, contact our WhatsApp Onboarding number here (+971 58 550 0125) or through Email:

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