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Discover Kaiman Beach Dubai Polynesian Restaurant at J1 Beach

Everything We Know About Kaimana Beach in Dubai

Dubai’s vibrant beach scene is about to get even more exciting with the upcoming Kaimana Beach, set to open in 2024 on J1 Beach. Specializing in Asian and Polynesian cuisine, Kaimana Beach promises a fusion of flavors, creative cocktails, and stunning beachside views.

Polynesia Restaurant Kaiman Beach Dubai

A Polynesian Paradise

"Kaimana" means "spirit of the ocean" in Polynesian, reflecting its serene sea views of the Arabian Gulf. The design boasts jungle chic aesthetics with lush plants, green banquettes, stone, and wooden tables, making it perfect for group gatherings.

J1 Beach Transformation

Previously known as La Mer, J1 Beach is transforming into an upscale destination with three beach clubs and ten waterfront restaurants. Expect to find renowned venues such as Bâoli from Cannes, Gigi Rigolatto from St. Tropez, and Sirene Beach by Gaia, promising world-class experiences. Experience the ultimate expirience at Kaiman Beach Dubai Polynesian Restaurant, where the new restaurant offers a blend of Asian and Polynesian cuisine amid stunning beachside views.

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