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Avoid These Recruitment Mistakes to Protect Your Employer Branding

Updated: Jun 9

Recruiting and hiring are critical components of building and maintaining a strong employer brand. Employers must be mindful of their interactions with candidates, as their experience can impact their perception of the company and whether they recommend it to others. Here are some common mistakes to avoid:

1. Ghosting job candidates: Leaving candidates hanging at any stage of the recruitment process is unacceptable. It's essential to communicate with candidates regularly and update them on their status. A simple way to avoid ghosting is to map out the candidate journey and look for communication gaps. Adding touchpoints can help candidates feel valued and informed.

2. Downgrading offers: Companies should be honest about what they can offer from the start. If a candidate's compensation expectations are not in line with the company's budget, it's better to be upfront rather than string them along. Undervaluing candidates will negatively impact the company's reputation and ability to attract top talent.

3. Unclear interview/onboarding process: Inconsistent hiring processes can be frustrating for candidates and lead to disengagement. Developing a formal hiring process ensures that candidates have a consistent experience and can be confident in the company as an employer.

4. Issues with salary, salary delays, and unpaid service charges: These issues can be detrimental to the company's reputation and result in negative reviews and not “nice” rumours. It's essential to ensure that employees are compensated fairly and on time.

5. Fear system dividing tips: Employees can see how much they earn in tips every day, and a system that divides them unfairly will lead to resentment.

6. Not delivering what was promised in the contract: Employers must fulfill their promises and commitments made during the hiring process. Failure to do so will result in disappointment and dissatisfaction among employees.

The article is based on information collected from candidates over the years of hiring and recruiting.

All points mentioned, negatively influencing employees performance and wellbeing as well as leading to high resignation rate, employees turnover and need in permanent hiring in the end of the days.

Employer brand holds immense value. It's important to remember that people within an industry, such as Hospitality in our case, are well-connected. They have social media groups, participate in social industry events, and engage in various networking activities. Once word gets out about your brand, it can either elevate your company to new heights if you provide excellent working conditions and a positive company culture or ruin it name forever if you fall into one of the pitfalls mentioned in the preceding article.



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